Sarah Jacob


Sarah is the Director of Logic Lounge Psychology. Sarah has experience working with depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, grief and loss, and a range of other mental health disorders. She has worked with clients from a range of cultural backgrounds and age brackets, ranging from children to late adults. Sarah has a multidisciplinary background having also worked in the corporate banking, financial services and education sectors. Sarah is a Medicare provider of Focused Psychological Strategies. She is registered with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency), and is a member of the APS (Australian Psychological Society).

Practices at: North Sydney Clinic & Gordon Psychology Clinic.

Sarah provides psychological assessment and treatment based on the scientist-practitioner model. She uses a range of evidence-based approaches that are supported by scientific research. Her therapeutic orientation is primarily CBT, ACT and IPT based, however Sarah uses an eclectic approach when suitable.
Sarah’s passion is to empower her client’s to make change.

Academic Qualifications
Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) – Australian College of Applied Psychology
Graduate Diploma in Professional Psychology – University of Wollongong
Graduate Diploma in Psychology – Charles Sturt University

Sarah Jacob Psychologist
Sarah Jacob Psychologist

Alexander Robertson


Alexander is a highly professional and compassionate psychologist with over 14 years of experience in counselling psychology. Alexander has clinical experience providing psychological interventions to individuals, families and couples experiencing significant and longstanding difficulties including anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, self-worth, grief and trauma.

Alexander is genuine and passionate about supporting his clients. He takes a warm and non-judgmental approach in assisting his clients gain insight into their issues. Support is individually tailored so that clients find constructive ways to develop desired skills and navigate through challenges.

Alexander employs an integrative therapeutic approach drawing on a variety of evidence-based techniques including cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, solution-focused therapy and emotion-based therapy. Working collaboratively with each client, Alexander seeks to increase an individual’s sense of confidence and presence, supporting them to live life to the full.

Alexander obtained a Bachelor and Masters in Psychology in the United Kingdom, as well as a Masters of Counselling Psychology from Swinburne University in Victoria, Australia. Alexander is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). He has gained experience across a variety of settings including community health services, private practice, mental health services and university counselling environments.

Specialisation list:

Adolescent counselling, behavior support plans, anger management, addictions, anxiety, family counselling, general counselling, grief counselling, personality disorders, marriage and couples counselling, parenting counselling, sexual abuse counselling, phobia, sexuality counselling, depression, anger management, ADHD, neurological assessment, autism disorders, domestic violence,  obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, bi-polar, drug and alcohol, work place, chronic disease, sleep disorders. post-traumatic stress disorder , stress

Practices at: North Sydney Psychology Clinic.

Alexander Robertson Psychologist

John Burney


John is an experienced registered psychologist. John is particularly interest in organisation and corporate psychology. His interest area/s include adults who require assistance with any of the following – Stress Management, Generalized Anxiety/Worry, Self-esteem, Confidence/Assertiveness, Adjustment to Adversity, Problem Solving, Relationship Issues, Communication Skills, Separation & Divorce, Workplace Stress, Work Difficulties, Social Skills, Motivation for Change, Adaptive Behaviour Skills, Goal Setting, Career Guidance.

Other Services – Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Organisational Psychology, Assessment for Development/Recruitment, Competency Frameworks, Individual Development Planning, Job Profiling, 360 Interpretation & Feedback, Psychometric Tests, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Supportive Counselling, Solution-focused therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Stress Management, Problem Solving Skills Training, Communication Strategies, Social Skills Training, Evidence Based Coaching

Practices at: North Sydney Clinic.
Interest areas: Adults, Organisation & Corporate Psychology

John Burney Psychologist
John Burney Psychologist

Aleksander Gisbert


Aleksander holds a Bachelor in Psychology, with a major in organisational psychology from UNED Madrid Spain, an MBA from University of Technology Sydney, and Diploma in Research Preparation Methods from Macquarie University Sydney. He has national registration as a Psychologist with Australian Health Practitioners’ Registration Agency.

Aleksander Gisbert has broad experience from various industries both overseas and in Australia, including health, aged care, state and federal positions in public health, service management, recruitment, project management, services coordination and mental health services. All this has given him a strong foundation in community needs and health standards. Aleksander has worked in the field of mental health in Australia for the last 15 years working in private practice and in the public sector, liaising with health providers, service directors, NGOS and other national companies for mental health projects that he has managed.

Aleksander is very experienced in helping people with depression and anxiety, trauma and stress related issues, relationship counselling and sleep-wake disorders. His method consists of assessing all areas of health, including physical health, and aligning recommendations to help clients achieve emotional stability and general wellbeing. Empowering of the client and providing the appropriate psychological advice are key to resolving mental health distress.


His preferred technique is cognitive behaviour therapy, having advanced training in CBT, but also ACT, MI, and principles of DBT. His long career in mental health services has given him an understanding of a broad range of mental disorders and how to enhance coping skills to assist clients when experiencing personal and situational crisis. Aleksander has a personal interest in making sure clients can not only function normally but with stronger skills to face the demands of their life and work.

Alec Gisbert Psychologist

Mitra Storey


Mitra is a highly motivated, open-minded individual, who is passionate about using her clinical skills and knowledge to really make a difference to people’s lives. Mitra specialises in working with young adults and adults with a wide range of clinical presentations (i.e. depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties with the self and other, bullying, stress, psychosis, trauma and PTSD, etc.). She enjoys working in a holistic and client-centred manner to collaboratively design and implement best practice and evidence based treatment. Coming from a diverse background, Mitra is able to communicate with and work alongside different cultures and age-groups being both bicultural and bilingual herself.

Mitra has worked across government and non-government services and has 10 years of experience working in the mental health industry across Australia and New Zealand. She takes an eclectic approach to working with individuals. Her primary therapeutic orientation is CBT, ACT, IPT, solution-focused, and mindful-based therapy.

Academic Qualifications:

  • Master of Educational Psychology
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences
  • Diploma of Psychological Practice
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Aubrey Lualhati


** Note: Aubrey is currently on maternity leave**

Aubrey specialises in working with children, adolescents, young adults and adults and has experience working in non-government organisations and private practice settings. She offers a warm, empathic, supportive and nurturing environment to all her clients whilst catering to the unique needs of each individual. She also enjoys working collaboratively with people of all backgrounds and endeavors to adopt a holistic and client-centred approach to navigate the various challenges in one’s life. She is also GLBTIQ (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual, Intersex, and Queer) friendly.

Aubrey is a registered Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, is a registered Medicare Provider of Focused Psychological Strategies and is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Approach: Aubrey is experienced in providing short term and long term therapy and uses evidence-based principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Exposure Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

Special interests:
Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Relationship issues, Grief and loss, Self-esteem/self-confidence issues, Body image concerns, Bullying, Anger management, Study/ workplace stress, Gender identity and those questioning their sexual preference

Children (primary school age), Adolescents, Adults, Anxiety disorders, Mood disorders, Adjustment disorder

Practices at: North Sydney Clinic (Wed, Fri) & Gordon Psychology (Tue).
Interest areas: Children and Adolescents, depression, anxiety, stress, grief and loss, relationship issues, self-esteem/ self-confidence, bullying, body image, anger management, workplace stress, gender identity and those questioning their sexual preference.

Aubrey Lualhati Psychologist
Aubrey Lualhati Psychologist

Shevera Gunasekera


Shevera holds a Bachelor of Psychology degree from Western Sydney University. She completed her Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling and will graduate in April 2020 from Western Sydney University.

Shevera has worked with children, adolescent and elderly, in areas such as depression, anxiety, grief and family issues. She has trained in couples counselling. Shevera is proficient in psychometric testing in children and adolescents.

Shevera believes in empowering her clients and helping them recognize the potential within themselves. She uses approaches such as CBT, ACT and IPT.

Shevera won the Pride of Australia Medal, 2006 in the category of Young Aussie NSW & ACT. Shevera volunteered with St John Ambulance NSW and Adults with ADHD NSW and is a member of Toastmasters International.

Special interests:
Grief, Anxiety, Depression

Children, Adolescents, Elderly, Administers psychometric tests

Practices at: North Sydney Clinic & Gordon Psychology

Shevera Gunasekera

Michaela Josephson


Relationships and their profound impact on individuals lives is my passion in life.  Reading, researching and furthering my knowledge on the topic has been my favourite thing to do for as long as I can remember.

Michaela’s focus as a therapist is prevention. She want to de-stigmatise therapy as a daunting experience and instead turn it into a building block which supports couples and individuals in implementing strategies to build and create strong and positively functioning life long relationships.

Michaela spent 9 years running her personal training business. As a result of this Michaela is a strong believer that physical and mental health go hand in hand. This has had a direct influence on Michaela’s holistic view on therapy which she uses to support my clients in an empathetic and practical manner.

It is truely an honor for Michaela to provide the tools for people grow and connect and then witness the domino effect this has on their lives.

Michaela utilises varying approaches during therapy including techniques from Gottman, Emotional Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Michaela is a big believer in incorporating psychological techniques in to your life in ways you find enjoyable and accessible to create maintainable positive changes.

When she’s not working as a therapist she enjoys time with her large, tight-knit family, practicing Muay Thai and she can never get enough of being out in nature!

Special interests:


Practices at: North Sydney Clinic

Michaela Josephson

Jerusha Rao


Jerusha is our Practice Manager. She also takes all our calls for North Sydney & Gordon Psychology.

She is warm, passionate & a great asset to our growing team.

Jerusha Rao